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Written by a patient
6th April 2020

Apologies for my delay in writing this review, In June 2019 I underwent HoLep surgery under the care of Mr Aho at Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge. From requiring a catheter due to retention, which occurred spontaneously,I now have a perfectly normal life. The care and courteous treatment I received was absolutely first class, from reading previous reviews of Mr Aho to eventually meeting him I was in no doubt whatsoever that I was in very capable hands. For anyone in any doubt about this procedure I can honestly say, that in my case I have completely recovered in every way. The procedure is quick and within a few hours I was back on the road to recovery, absolutely minimal discomfort and left the daycare unit the day after surgery, if anyone has any reservations I would be more than happy to respond to emails concerning any aspect of this procedure.

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