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Written by a patient
18th March 2020

Three months on from HoLEP and my wife and I were back in Addenbrooke's for the review appointment. Things could not be better. Officially, I can pee like a 17 year old and my life is no longer dominated by urgency, slow and painful passing of urine and the constant planning and compromises that go along with BPH. I still get up a couple of times during the night but that's better than a score of 5 or 6; the process is rapid and comfortable and we understand from Mr Aho that it may yet improve. And it was a real pleasure to see Mr Aho himself, and to try to express our gratitude, however inadequately, for being given back so much of my own and our shared life. Thanksgiving would be a better word. Oh yes, and one small observation on an unexpected benefit. I have suffered from Ulcerative Colitis for a number of years and, having lost responsiveness to a string of treatments, was not doing particularly well on Vedolizumab. For those unfamiliar with the condition, frequent and painful bowel movements (BMs) are the least of it: as a hobby, I don't recommend it. Starting from the weeks before surgery when I was catheterised and now having undergone HoLEP, the pattern of BMs is much reduced and very much in line with what would be regarded as 'normal'. My guess is that the angry, over-active urinary system was inciting the bowel to rebellion. I appreciate that this will not be of interest to many but to a few it might be a useful experience.

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