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Written by a patient
14th May 2019

I was referred to Mr.Aho by my local consultant in Nottingham. From referral,through consultation to completion of procedure was a short timescale,which was of particular relevance to me. As my procedure was to be carried out in Cambridge,Mr.Aho arranged initial consultation arrangements to suit me;recommended accommodation facilities local to Addenbrookes(particularly helpful to ourselves) and after my procedure arranged for my three month review to be carried in Nottingham,removing the need to travel to Cambridge again. Also,after my procedure had been completed,I was able to keep in touch with Mr.Aho via his email address,such that any issues or questions were promptly dealt with which was very reassuring and certainly helped my convalescence. As I hope is evident from my comments I was very happy with all aspects of my dealings with Mr.Aho and would commend him to potential future patients.

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