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Written by a patient
3rd May 2019

Just had my three month check-up after Holium Laser BPH treatment with Mr Tevita Aho. After much research by myself on possible surgical Interventions for this condition, it was apparent that Holium Laser was now the ‘gold standard’ - with minimal side effects and best post - operative outcomes. Having had an MRI and rectal ultrasound, I was diagnosed with a much enlarged prostate, but thankfully it was benign . My symptoms were dramatically affected my QOL. Getting up to pee 4-6 times each night, needing to pee again within a few minutes of passing urine , looking for a suitable spot to stop and pee when driving and even occasionally leaking urine .... The procedure was completely painless, and I saw Tevita immediately before and after the op. I stayed in hospital overnight, but when the catheter was removed the following morning I found I was unable to pee at all. I was therefore sent home with a leg catheter. This was not s great problem , just an inconvenience. One week later the catheter was removed, and I was taught how to serve- catheterise by Mater, Tevita’s caring urology nurse. It was never necessary to self- catheterise after this, but I did have a slight problem with some leakage of urine after this. This leakage has slowly diminished after 3 months, and has now virtually stopped. I am doing my pelvic floor exercises religiously! The op has been a huge success for me. No more urgency, a great flow with a total emptying of my bladder, and getting up to Pee at night reduced to once- twice, which hopefully will diminish further with time. I am so pleased I choose Tevita. It appears he had performed more Holium treatments than any other surgeon in th UK-,more than 2000- I believe. He is extremely skilled, caring and empathetic .He gave me his email in case of any problems. I am happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have - ask Tevita for my email address. I’m almost 73 years old . David Barbanel

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