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Written by a NHS patient
15th June 2021

Whilst there was a total mix up with my father's date of surgery and then concerns about his age/ability, my father received a new hip. Having had a terrible time in lockdown loosing our mum and forced to stay in and unable to walk. My father was in constant pain crying out in the night and unable to walk anywhere. Within a week after his operation my father was in no pain and able to walk. The difference is amazing and he now has a wonderful time able to finally walk outside. His outlook on life and quality has been completely 100% improved. He can get out of bed and enjoy moving around with no pain. Mr Bokhari is truly fantastic and has given my dad his life back. His leg is so straight with very minimal scar. I can't thank Mr Bokhari enough for what he has done and the care shown to my father. We are in awe of the transformation to our father thanks to the fantastic work of Mr Bokhari and his team.

15th June 2021
Response from Mr Syed Awais Bokhari

Thank you for the review and your kind words. It was an absolute pleasure to see your father walk in with a new lease of life and the smiles on your faces, radiant with joy! Priceless. I must sincerely apologise regarding the 'mix up' from the administration team but they had your father's best interest at heart. Moreover, the concerns regarding your father's capacity to recover from the operation was discussed at out multi disciplinary team, all in the name of performing a safe operation. He passed through all of this meaning a hip replacement was the correct option. I, as your father's advocate and Surgeon was always there to ensure that the decision was safe and balanced. The result achieved is a credit to our rehabilitation team, to you as his close family support, but most importantly to your father. Well done

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