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12th May 2021

As a medical student, I had the wonderful opportunity to meet Dr Ahmed and assist with his consultations. I can truly say that it has been my best clinical experience so far as Dr Ahmed was both a great teacher and mentor. Being in a new environment and not knowing what to expect as a student, Dr Ahmed was very welcoming and put me to ease straightaway. I learnt a great deal during my short time in the breast clinic and felt that I grew in confidence with the examinations as well as being able to ask questions and discuss cases in a safe space without feeling pressured or rushed. He is indeed a very professional, sincere and empathetic doctor who treats all staff, patients and students with respect as well as stressing the importance of humanity and kindness when being a doctor. This really resonated with me as it is something that I too feel very strongly about. Dr Ahmed is a great doctor and more importantly, a lovely human being. I am very grateful for all the support he was able to provide and the positive impact he has made on my journey as a medical student!

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