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Written by a NHS patient
11th May 2021

From my first meeting with Mr Ahmed I had every confidence in him. He very carefully explained the results of my tests and what needed to be done. He immediately fixed the date for the operation. The operation went well and I was lucky to have no pain or aches following the operation so did not need to take any pain killers. I have healed nicely and the scars of the lumpectomy are minimal At the follow up appointment he carefully explained what had been done. Luckily he was also able to tell me that I needed no further treatment apart from medication for five years and yearly checkups.. I couldn’t have hoped fir a better outcome. I would recommend him to any one. He is caring, kind and funny. Able to lighten the atmosphere at what are obviously difficult times. I hold him in very high regard and feel lucky to have had him as my surgeon

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