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27th May 2021

Absolutely outstanding Doctor and teacher. As a medical student it can be extremely daunting and intimidating when starting in a new environment. Dr Ahmed was instantly encouraging, calm and kind throughout the entire experience. He went above and beyond to accommodate my learning style as well deal with multiple patients, surgeries as well as emotionally, mentally and physically demanding circumstances without once letting the high pressure situations affect him or myself. He was utterly empathetic and understanding to every patient that came through the door as well as anecdotally remembering fondly many of his past patients. His enthusiasm and positive nature exuded happiness from everyone around him especially the patients when he went outside of the standard practice to make sure they received the best medical attention and time he could give. I was very privileged to receive a small glimpse into his practice and teaching and hope that I may one day work alongside him. I could not recommend Dr Ahmed highly enough in his skill, knowledge, genuine concern and infectious enthusiasm for breast medicine. Thank you very very much. Kirsty Brooks

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