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Written by a NHS patient
19th January 2022

From the very first consultation ,Dec 2020, with Mr Simon Neequaye I felt at ease in his company . He listened to everything I had to say and he was never patronising with his response , and he was never rushed with his explanations , he used sketches to better explain ,in layman’s terms, what my condition meant as well some possible procedures for the repair . As the consultation drew to a close I felt that I had become part of his team especially when he gave me his email for any concerns that I may have going forward. My Condition was described as “Complex” not only to the complexity but to other underlying concerns and as such an extensive pre-op programme was necessary , all when Covid was rampant . But in fairness I never once felt ill at ease at any of the examinations because of the safety measures that had been implemented. The examinations where extensive and thorough and some where repeated such is the insistence that Mr Neequaye has for all the facts before he makes a decision. On completion of the pr-ops I was asked to attend a meeting at the Royal with Mr Neequaye and some members of his team where they informed me that they considered that a FEVAR procedure was the most suitable , and the reasons why. Mr Neequaye had at previous consultations explained the procedure in great detail and therefore the decision caused me no concern. The procedure was carried out on June 14 2021 and it lasted approximately 8 Hrs. I have recently viewed the CT images of the “structure”that has been created inside both my Aorta and right and left internal iliacs and as an Engineer I am massively impressed. The precision involved in the alignment of the connections to the various arteries and the level of concentration required for 8Hrs goes beyond incredible and is surely Testimony to Mr Simon Neequaye’s dedication to his chosen profession. I am now Fit and Well but I was extremely Lucky to have been on his “team” albeit as a patient and I can’t thank him and his Team enough for there care and for removing the threat of sudden death from my life. Kind Regards Brian Ditchfield

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