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Written by a patient
2nd January 2020

I was treated by Mr Hobbs in October 2019 for varicose vein treatment, he fully explained the procedure I would be having and how I would feel afterwards. Everything he told me was 100% accurate, at the time of the consultation I thought he had played down the procedure and how much pain I would be in afterwards but this was not the case, I had no pain and didn't need to take any pain relief and only felt mild discomfort. During the procedure I was kept chatting by a lovely nurse who stayed with me throughout, the whole process took about 1 hour for both legs and the relief it has given me is amazing, I hadn't realised how much the discomfort in my legs was disturbing my sleep until I now find myself sleeping all night without waking. I would not hesitate to have this procedure done again should the need arise.

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