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Written by a patient
27th November 2019

I was scared at first, approaching Mr Awad about surgery. I had quite a complex case with underlying blood conditions, however Mr Awad wasn’t phased by this and instead reassured myself and my family and took every precaution possible. Before surgery, Mr Awad visited me in my room and explained the procedure and made sure I was still happy to go ahead. Once I was in theatre Mr Awad was attentive and ensured I was comfortable before being put under. After coming round, the staff at the hospital were fantastic. I had regular contact with Mr Awad and his team. I know I have been given a new life and have been in the best hands possible. I wouldn’t have gone with any other surgeon and I can’t recommend Mr Awad highly enough. He was sure to make everything as comfortable as possible and really helped my family and partner understand what was going on. Mr Awad has given me a new life and I am forever grateful.

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1 2 3 4 5