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Written by a patient
24th November 2019

I would 1000% recommend Mr Awad. He is so kind , knowledgeable and down to earth . He really does want the best for his patients and he has a very kind heart. He’s very committed to his patients and he is always totally honest. He always enters the room with a smile and as a patient I was always happy and excited to see him. His experience and knowledge outweighed any other surgeon that I have discussed this treatment with. He has a passion for his job and gets fulfilment from seeing his patients happy. I’m so happy that my surgeon was Mr Awad and I feel extremely lucky to have met him and that he was able to do my operation and which was the gastric sleeve. My operation went very well , my recovery has gone extremely well and I had no complications and I have Mr Awad to thank for the smooth process. I can’t recommend Mr Awad enough. Not only was he a surgeon but also a friend. Thank you.

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