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Written by a private patient
12th February 2022

I have waited 4 months to review my surgery by Mr Shaun Appleton on 2 September 2021 as I thought it better to see how I felt after a prolonged period. A rare technically challenging hernia procedure. It is a bit like reviewing a Rolls Royce. A smooth and an elegant experience as surgery possibly can be from beginning-to-end. Mr Appleton has a brisk efficient, but very patient-centric bedside manner. His secretary, Jo Bolton and the BMI Shelburne team were outstanding in support. All of this was in the darker days of Covid, and I did not encounter another patient or member of the public from beginning to end. I was in at 7.30 am and comfortably at home in the early evening. I have no suggestions for improvement. Good support pack of clear information helped toward a smooth recovery.

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