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Written by a private patient
26th April 2022

Having suffered with a hiatus hernia/ GORD for 30+ years and taking alot of medication to keep my systems under control, it was time to get treated once and for all. From the moment I met Mr Appleton, he assured me that having a hiatus hernia repair would be the best thing for me with immediate results. Following surgery, I had a sloppy diet for a couple of weeks but now, 4 weeks following surgery, I feel great with no acid reflux! I am off my medication and I am eating all my previous trigger foods. The five key hole incisions are healing nicely and I am getting back into exercise. The only contraindications I currently have is having to eat smaller mouthfuls of food at any one time as well as a bit of shoulder pain, which will alleviate in time. Eating too much in one go will cause a blockage at the surgical point which is rather uncomfortable but will pass but a reminder to eat slightly less and more slowly. There has been hardly any pain which was a very pleasant surprise along with slight weight loss. Mr Appleton has been with me from start to end of this journey and I have no hesitation in recommending him if you need this surgery. Please don't suffer with acid reflux unnecessarily.

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