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Written by a private patient
10th April 2021

I was recommended to Mr Gurjar for some issues I was experiencing that were sadly not being dealt with by the consultant I was currently under. Mr Gurjar is very personable and I instantly felt at ease and bearing in mind the subject matter I was very relieved. I had spent months prior to this with many unanswered questions and felt confused and concerned. After my initial meeting I felt so much happier and everything I didn’t understand Mr Gurjar explained clearly. He gave me advice on how to deal with issues I was experiencing in the short term whilst waiting for the surgery he recommended. Prior to this no one had given me any advice or help. Whilst waiting for my surgery Mr Gurjar and his secretary Anne continued to be supportive and answer all the questions I had. At our meeting just before my my surgery date he once again explained everything in detail, drawing diagrams and we had a thorough discussion. Even though I was anxious about the procedure I knew I was in safe hands and I completely trusted him. The procedure went very well and according to plan. The care and support he provided to me during my stay in hospital and also once I had been discharged was nothing short of excellent. I am now 6 weeks post op and I feel amazing. I am so happy with everything. During my whole experience with both Mr Gurjar and Anne I felt nothing was too much trouble. I had felt unwell for so long but I felt he understood and cared. I would highly recommend Mr Gurjar and cannot thank him enough for everything he has done for me.

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