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Written by a patient
2nd March 2020

I ruptured my PCL and PLC playing football in November. I also work as a police officer in a physical environment with a demanding need to keep at a high level of fitness to Carry a specialist role. So my knee’s are crucial to allowing me to complete my job to the best of my ability. I was seen by Dr trikha on a Monday morning who instantly knew I had ruptured one of the two ligaments in my knee. He told me to return that evening followed by an MRI scan on the Tuesday and results on the Wednesday. when I was told the bad news of the extent of my injury I was gutted. Dr trikha was very supportive and spent a lot of time explaining what the next steps were and the procedure I would need to go through to fix my knee. I left the first consultation feeling as positive as I could be. I had the operation a month later. The operation went very well. After the operation Dr trikha visited me in the hospital and explained what he had done on my knee and what the next steps were from that point. Throughout the whole experience I felt great support and felt very informed and always knew what was going on. The scars I have been left with from the operation are very neat and small in comparison to the amount I had to have done. Since the operation I have seen Dr trikha 3 times, each time he has been very happy with the progress of my knee. I would recommend Dr Trikha to anyone I know in the future who suffers knee injuries, I cannot fault his work or his passion for what he does, Dr trikha’s attitude towards his work allows myself and other patients to feel positive about what they will have to go through which I feel makes the whole process easier and kept myself driven to of made good progress every time I see Dr trikha.

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