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Written by a patient
10th November 2020

I contacted Mr Trikha after being diagnosed with a complete ACL rupture in my left knee after playing football. I am an active 23 year old female and considering I have played football at an international standard and I was keen to maintain a very active and healthy lifestyle, I really wanted a surgeon with a lot of experience treating athletes. Mr Trikha was very open and honest about what my next steps would be. He recommended that I have reconstructive surgery and a lateral extra-articular tenodesis (LET) as well to decrease my chances of suffering a re-rupture. He outlined that the recovery would be tougher and I would be left with a bigger scar but given his confident experience in this area, I felt at ease that this was the right decision. Mr Trikha booked me in for surgery at a private hospital within the following two weeks even though he already had a very busy schedule. The surgery went really well and just six weeks after surgery, I already have full extension and flexion. If you are looking for a confident, experienced, and friendly surgeon, I could not recommend Mr Trikha and his team enough.

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