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Written by a patient
26th September 2019

In February this year I had a fall onto my left knee, and although as a chiropractor myself I had been able to self-manage the resulting pain quite well for some time, in July the pain and disability significantly deteriorated to the point where I was in constant pain and sometimes had to use crutches if I needed to walk more than 500m. I went to see my GP and asked to be referred to Paul Trikha, who I knew both by his reputation locally as a knee surgeon, and from attending seminars he had given. He was very thorough in examining my knee, and referred me for an MRI, which showed that I had both osteoarthritis and a small meniscal tear. When explaining the findings of the MRI I was given ample opportunity to ask questions and discuss treatment options. Paul advised that surgery would not be appropriate at this point in time, and suggested a corticosteroid injection into the knee joint, which he duly did with no discomfort at all. He also suggested that I had some physiotherapy. My knee pain significantly subsided within a few days, and my mobility returned to normal. I still have a minor niggle if I overdo things, due to the meniscal tear, but, at my 4 week follow-up appointment, Paul was very re-assuring, and confirmed that surgery would not be necessary, but we would continue to manage my knee with the physiotherapy exercises, and with the option of further corticosteroid injections should they be necessary in the future. I know that if my knee deteriorates in the future such that surgery becomes necessary, that Paul Trikha would do exactly what is required at that time, but I am confident that the conservative approach we have adopted currently will be beneficial for some considerable time.

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