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Written by a patient
21st February 2020

I was diagnosed with osteo arthritis in both knees when I was 47. I held off for a couple of years and was referred to Mr Trikha last year. He was very concerned that I understood that a total knee replacement was a major operation and not to be taken lightly and spent a few appointments trying alternative solutions, including physio and steroid injections. When it was finally decided that the only real solution would be to replace my right knee joint he again made sure that I was clear as to what was involved. The actual operation happened at the Woking Nuffield hospital and went very smoothly. I have no idea what it looks like inside but the scar is as neat as could be expected and, 10 weeks later, he has signed me off with full extension and very good flexion. And no pain in that knee which is the most important thing. I am again cycling and using the gym and my dog is happy to be getting proper walks again. I still need to have the other knee done and will without hesitation get Mr Trikha to perform that operation as well when the time comes. Thank you,

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