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Written by a patient
11th December 2019

I visited Paul after enduring a troublesome right knee after an ACL reconstruction done in 2011 (not by Paul!) he diagnosed a slack and loose ACL and quickly organised a X ray on the same day and an MRI the following. On my follow up appointment and viewing the MRI it confirmed Paul’s suspicions. We then discussed my options as I wanted to be continued with my skiing and be active with my hobby of rowing, Paul fully supported my decision to go ahead with the surgery. Paul is very approachable, he gets a good rapport going quickly working out what your expectations are from the surgery. He answered all my questions and queries clearly, and without any jargon. I felt confident and in very safe hands considering I had had a failed procedure before he clearly has vast experience and knowledge. Surgery was booked within 2 weeks of this follow up appointment and now 12 days post op, I am full weight bearing with no crutches. I am absolutely delighted the knee feels 100% better than ever before. If you follow Paul’s instructions do your physio – exercises – etc. you will not be disappointed.

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