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Written by a patient
20th October 2019

In August 2019 I consulted Mr Paul Trikha about the acute valgus of my right knee. This is where the right knee is tilted towards the left and the leg from the knee to the ankle is at a right angle. I had given been given exercises to strengthen quads (thigh muscles) by the Physiotherapist Mrs Suegnet Meyer of Meyer & Associates Weybridge whom I had consulted to improve mobility, and she had advised me to have an MRI scan, which I did and when she read the report she suggested a consultation with the renowned knee specialist Mr Trikha. He recommended a TKR (total knee replacement) surgery. I did not want it, but it was explained to me, that my knee was beginning to cause problems with my back. There really was no alternative. The surgery would take place at the Schoen Clinic at the end of August and I would be there for 3 days. Although I continued with my weekly exercises with Mrs Meyer and purchased an exercise bike for home, I became more apprehensive about the forthcoming surgery. Eventually the date arrived. At the Schoen Clinic Mr Trikha came to see me just before surgery, I was so frightened. The surgery was over and after 3 days a 2 week stay at The Claverdel in Guildford followed. My rehab was very good and when I had the 2 weeks after surgery consultation with Mr Trikha, I was walking indoors without crutches. Feeling really confident, two lovely straight knees and able to wear short skirts. This week I had my six weeks after surgery consultation with M Trikha. Now I can drive, walk indoors and outdoors without crutches, my life has been changed and for the better. Daily exercises, looking good and confident. Mr Trikha, I went into surgery really frightened, now six weeks after surgery, I am looking forward with confidence to an exciting future, free from pain, looking good with two lovely straight knees. Thank you!

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