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Written by a patient
21st December 2019

I was first referred to Mr Trikha on 17 September by my GP following hip and spinal surgery in past two years which had caused increasing discomfort in my left knee. I was able to see be seen within a few days and following an examination and X-Ray Mr Trikha arranged for both CT and MRI scans and these showed the need for a Total Replacement of my left Knee. in case of any post-op issues due to my age Mr Trikha recommended the Schoen Clinic for the operation due to their 24 hour support care; a wise move. The operation took place on 6 November and was a success and I was able to walk and climb stairs the next day. However, later the second evening I had some post- op difficulties that were very effectively dealt with by the trauma team and I left the clinic as expected on 9 October. I started physio immediately and saw Mr Trikha two weeks later by which time I was using a single crutch only when out shopping and after 5 weeks my physio discharged me. Earlier this week I saw Mr Trikha who said progress was excellent for 3 months and remarkable as it was 6 weeks to the day since the operation. Everything is working perfectly and I offer my sincere thanks to Paul Trikha for his care and expertise.

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