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Written by a patient
25th September 2019

I am 76 years old and as I had maintained my health insurance policy I contacted Paul Trikha after reviewing several other local consultants and he performed a full replacement of my left knee joint just under six weeks ago. I was attracted by the fact that Mr Trikha dealt exclusively with knee problems and at his suggestion he operated on me at the impressive and very modern Schoen Clinic in Wigmore Street, London where the staff and care were excellent. I was discharged after 3 nights and was walking well with crutches, sometimes only one of them. I was walking around the house without crutches for much of the time only one week after the operation. When I first met Mr Trikha he quickly put me at ease and fully explained the operation and alerted me to the fact that recovery from a knee replacement was much more difficult and painful than for a hip replacement - having had both, I can totally agree with this. Mr Trikha advised me to hire an ice machine and I ordered one from Game Ready at a cost of £300 for a 4 week hire - it was excellent and easy to operate and well worth the expense although our freezer was kept very full with ice production. It is very important to regularly use ice on the knee to reduce swelling and also to be very conscientious in regularly (2 or 3 times daily) doing all the exercises that your physiotherapist recommends. However good the operation and mine was excellent, the speed and extent of recovery is down to the patient doing the exercises and regularly using ice on the operated area. Regulat physio after the operation is essential to speed recovery. I saw Paul Trikha this afternoon for my 6 week check up and he was delighted with my progress. I was shocked when he asked me to jog on the spot but I found that I could do this without pain, something I had thought I would never be able to do again. In conclusion, this was an excellent operation carried out by a first class surgeon who inspired confidence straight from our first meeting.

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