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Written by a patient
21st December 2019

Following dislocation of both knees I required surgery on my right knee to repair a ruptured patellar tendon and retinacular rupture. Within minutes of being seen by Mr Trikha he had expedited appointments at his clinics and arranged short notice MRI scans ensuring I was able to have surgery 4 days after my first consultation. Nothing was too much trouble and both he and his secretary kept me updated on timing and logistics. At all times I was provided clear, concise information on the procedure, risks and recovery regime. I attended appointments at both the Runnymede Hospital in Chertsey and Nuffield Hospital in Woking with surgery taking place at the Nuffield. Both hospitals and their staff provided a very high standard of care and customer service. On the day of surgery Mr Trikha provided me an additional overview of the procedure, risks and recovery expectations and following surgery I was visited by Mr Trikha on Saturday morning for a review and to run through the requirements for physio. Detailed information and recommendations had been provided to the physio team by Mr Trikha. Two days after surgery I had negligible pain. Five days after surgery, under instruction from the physio, I can perform straight leg lifts to 45 degrees from horizontal and bend the knee well with no discomfort. I am able to bend my leg sufficiently to handle stairs easily, I can sit for long periods to work in a home office setting and have been able to travel and stand to attend sporting events to watch my daughter. Mr Trikha is a consummate professional. Great skill, extensive experience and an ability to communicate clearly. Since first meeting Mr Trikah I have felt totally confident that I have had and will continue to receive the very best advice and care. I would wholeheartedly recommend him.

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