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Written by a patient
25th September 2020

Mr Trikha, is In fact a Miracle worker. I tore my ACL, bucket handle tear of my meniscus and a partially torn MCL. I was devastated when I had my injury, and Mr Trikha went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable and confident of the process and my future. I struggled with the mental side of things, and he was very supportive and made sure I was coping. Above and beyond what any other surgeon would do! The care I received could not be faulted on any occasion that I saw Mr Trikha; him and his team do their upmost to make you feel safe and reassured. Mr Trikha made sure I knew that if I ever needed to ask a question or had a worry about anything, that he would always be there to help! He also made a great recommendation for a top physio, whom I have complete trust and faith in, after a few unsure choices from a previous! Restoring my trust back into the process has helped me with my rehab massively! I cannot thank Mr Trikha enough for giving me my future back and allowing me to continue to play a sport that consumes most of my life! And also; following through with my request of neat and tidy scars

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