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Written by a NHS patient
14th March 2021

Please pass on this message to Mr Purkyashtha Mr Purkayastha has been truly amazing from the start of my journey to batiatric surgery. I’ve been suffering for a long while with pain and other symptoms like chronic fatigue, which have lead me to struggle while doing simple day to day tasks. My children were struggling too each time they saw me in pain and having difficulty to eat. Mr Purkyastha has put in his all his efforts in order to give me a definitive diagnosis and has explored all possible options to help with my gastric issues. He has done everything he could and found the best solution for me, and I am delighted that it’s nearing to the end of my pain. I’m really grateful for everything he has done, he’s given me hope, as well as a chance at living a normal life with my children!! Words cannot express how grateful I am for all the effort, time and work that he has put it in to help make me better. It’s been a testing time during the pandemic but he has still managed to help people like me aswell as help in the ICU to treat COVID patients. I honestly felt like there was no hope in getting better due to the pandemic taking over everything. However, he has remained dedicated and treats his patients with the utmost respect and understanding. It’s a pleasure to have been treated by such an incredible surgeon. Thank you, from my children and I!! Somia A

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