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Written by a patient
18th September 2020

I was referred to Mr Hadi following a fall in which I dislocated my shoulder and severed two tendons. From the outset I Mr Hadi gave me clear explanations with regard to my injury. He has an easy and reassuring manner and was very willing to answer any questions I had. He told me that I had a bad injury and that he wasn’t sure that the damage could be repaired. Mr Hadi said that he was willing to attempt the repair if I wanted to go ahead with it. Following the surgery he told me that he was only able to do a partial repair, but eight months later, I feel I have made excellent progress and have regained much of the movement in my shoulder. I am extremely grateful to Mr Hadi not only for his expertise and skill in completing the repair, but also for his caring and approachable manner. I consider myself to have been very fortunate in being referred to him for treatment.

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