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Written by a NHS patient
17th May 2021

Thrilled with my shoulder surgery by Dr Hadi. I have had problems over the last 10 years with frequent dislocations but was originally told at age 16 by another practice that it was down to hormones so never took the problem further until this last year as they had got worse and more frequent. Since my surgery with Dr Hadi my shoulder now feels great and has so much more stability. No dislocations since and no feeling as though my shoulder will slip out, a feeling I used to have very frequently. No pain and range of movement is coming on leaps and bounds thanks to a referral with a great physio. Checkups with Dr Hadi were great and very positive and he explained exactly what happened in my surgery and how everything went and gave me great advice on what I could and couldn’t do during recovery. This surgery has made a major difference for my day to day life as I am a manual worker as well as having manual hobbies and everything is now so much easier for me not having to worry about frequent dislocations. I can’t thank Dr Hadi enough for doing such a great job. My only regret is that I didn’t get this done sooner! If I was to ever need surgery again I would have full faith in Dr Hadi to carry this out.

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