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Written by a patient
11th November 2019

On my initial outpatient examination I was pleased he listened to my problem. He appreciated that I had put off wanting the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome operation until the cause and effect had become unbearable and was causing me to have disturbed nights sleep. Although I had a similar operation on my left hand several years ago he still explained the procedure and possible outcomes . On admission for the operation I was impressed with with the way I was dealt with . Mr Hadi introduced his team and explained what he would be doing.When he commenced the operation he stated at what point of the operation he was at and checked that I was not experiencing any discomfort. The whole procedure from start to finish was carried out in a very efficient manner. Although it did not take long I did not feel that there was any rush and felt confident that the outcome of the operation would be a success. At my discharge outpatient consultation it was good to report the operation had been successful and I was now having undisturbed nights of sleep. Also to thank Mr. Hadi and his team for the care.

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