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Written by a patient
16th October 2019

I had scheduled a total knee replacement surgery with an orthopedic specialist in Florida. The specialist requested MRI scans, which I arranged through The Fitzwilliam Private Hospital. As part of this process I received a consultation with Mr Clifton. Upon reviewing the MRI scans Mr Clifton provided his opinion that he would not recommend a total knee replacement at this juncture and suggested bi-lateral arthroscopies to repair some badly torn menisci. Sadly I was scheduled to return to our Winter home in Florida in late November and Mr Clifton had no time available to carry out the surgeries in ample time to allow me to fly. However, some 24 hours later, I was contacted as a result of a cancellation and the surgeries were undertaken within a matter of days. The surgery was undertaken very professionally with an excellent supporting team as a day case and I was back home in a little over six hours. Early indications are very good and I am optimistic that the procedure will postpone the total knee replacement surgery for many years, allowing me to continue playing my beloved tennis. I am eternally grateful for Mr Clifton’s sage advice and could not recommend his services highly enough.

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