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23rd March 2017
Written by a patient at Morriston Hospital

I have seen Redfern just once, so perhaps he was having an off day, but given the nature of his personality I suspect not. Whereas I am not in a position to assess his medical proficiency, I can comment on his manner. I thought the days of consultants acting as if they were god-like were gone, but this dinosaur is still not extinct. He was arrogant, rude (to me, my wife and his nursing colleagues), confrontational, disrespectful and failed to treat his patient with dignity. He reacted aggressively to any questions asked, clearly believing it was beneath him to be questioned or just could not be bothered to take the time with me. I was left feeling uniformed about my case, my options, and I felt my dignity and worth were assaulted by this completely unpleasant man. Why he should feel so superior to his patients and colleagues is beyond me. He may have medical qualifications and experience, but he needs retraining to be a pleasant, respectful and dignifying human being. When I reported him to his superiors I got the feeling mine was not the first complaint about him. Come on Redfern, treat people with dignity and respect, and drop the arrogance and superiority complex. From what I have seen it is really misplaced and you are nothing special to write home about. You are a human being like the rest of us. Good and bad.

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