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Written by a patient
9th November 2019

In August 1919, Mr Corns, Consultant Neuro Surgeon at Leeds General Infirmery (LGI), diagnosed compression on my spinal cord caused by a bulging disk between c6 and c7 vertebrae in my neck causing numbness in my hands which was worsening. If not treated, the prognosis was not good. Fusion surgery was scheduled at The LGI for 16th September, but I was contacted by them to say I could have the operation at The Leeds Nuffield Hospital on 6th september if I was willing. I readily agreed and am pleased to say that, thanks to Mr Corns and his splendid team, the operation went without hitch and I was duly discharged on 7th September. Recovery has been excellent and the operation, which sounded quite challenging, has been by far the least stressful of all the operations I have previously undergone. Mr Corns skill as a Surgeon and his friendly manner cannot be overpraised. Huge thanks to him and his team at The LGI, The Nuffield and of course the dear old NHS.

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