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Written by a patient
21st November 2019

Written by a patient at the Winfield Hospital: After a long period of increasing and agonizing back pain and living on a cocktail of maximum strength pain killers, I was referred to Mr Rathnam Sundaram who diagnosed 'spinal stenosis.' I was admitted to the Winfield Hospital in October 2019 for the operation and it was a complete success. I am now pain free and active walking my lurcher, doing gardening and pretty much everything I used to do. My heart felt thanks to Mr Sundaram, not only a brilliant surgeon but took the time to explain the procedure, listen to my concerns and check on me after the operation. Oh and he has a quiet sense of humour, he smiled as he said he "hoped never to see me again." Thanks Rathnam Sundaram for an active, pain free life. Chris Marshall

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