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Written by a patient
22nd November 2018

I have recently undergone a big operation under the wonderful care of Mr. Rathnam Sundaram. In early October 2018, Mr Sundaram undertook decompression work and pinning of my lower spine (L3, L4 and L5), with 2 tiny titanium cages placed between L3 and L4 on each side of my spinal cord. After several years of back pain culminating earlier this year in me being unable to stand, able only to walk for a few steps and nearly becoming wheelchair-bound, Mr. Sundaram advised the above operation would put an end to the pain. He went into great detail and explained very clearly about the required operation and showed me the evidence on numerous X-rays and MRI scans, which very clearly outlined my medical condition. As my life had virtually ground to a halt, due to my days being dictated by constant pain and my spine becoming twisted leaving me unable to stand straight, I was extremely keen to get on with the operation. The operation took place at The Winfield, Gloucester and I am absolutely delighted to report that the pain I'd experienced for years vanished overnight. I owe everything to Mr. Sundaram. He has given me a life with mobility again and I feel elated. I am truly thankful to wake up each day and have no pain at all. I can't thank Mr. Sundaram, and all the team who looked after me, enough. From beginning to end my experience has been extremely positive. Mr. Sundaram is an amazing Surgeon: clear, understanding and caring, and I am a very lucky person to have found him! H. Righton

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