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Written by a private patient
14th September 2023

Firstly apologies for the delay in completing this review. We sought Mr. Buddhdev’s opinion in June following a series of appointments where we received conflicting advice from different surgeons. As a family we are on the cautious side wanting to use surgery only when medically necessary. We were able to discuss the NHS advice we’d received, advice we’d sought from abroad and ultimately his opinion. Mr Buddhdev provided much needed clarity. His opinion was based on his experience but he also referenced recent and ongoing research undertaken in other countries regarding my child’s condition. He had read up and researched before our appointment. This is not something we had seen before and I feel is a USP. We came to the appointment rather anxious, and came out of the appointment knowing what our next steps would be, knowing what to look for and full of understanding and knowledge. It was worth it and we will be consulting Mr Buddhdev in future!

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