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Written by a private patient
20th July 2021

After being back and forth for 3 years deciding if i am ready to go ahead with a much wanted breast reduction, i decided to just go for it! In February 2021 Dr Turton carried out my breast reduction surgery and i found the whole process really easy and reassuring. The recovery was not half as bad as i was expecting. I took only 2 weeks off work cause you do really need that rest to recover well. With regular check-ups I was back to work and driving in 2 weeks with no problems. The aftercare was also amazing. I was recommended Dr Turton through a friend who had a breast increase by him and she spoke really highly off him so i already felt i was in good hands choosing this doctor. I honestly think he is the best surgeon in Leeds for breast treatment. I was really unhappy with my breast before, i was a heavy 36F with a small frame & it really affected my happiness, self confidence & my well-being. I am now a very happy 36C with a uplift & I feel in proportion now with my body frame. It might be an expensive procedure but my quality of life & well-being have improved so much since my surgery, its worth every penny. Thank you Dr Turton for changing my life! (:

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