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Written by a private patient
9th October 2021

After a great deal of research I had no hesitation at all in choosing Mr Philip Turton for my breast augmentation to replace my 19 year old implants. My journey started in March 2020 and ended on the 9th September 2021 ( due to COVID) my surgery was carried out on the 24th August, 2021. No other surgeon would have gone to the lengths he did during the procedure to achieve the absolutely amazing result that I have now. His dedication, bedside manner, care and vast surgical skills are only a few of the reasons he is the most outstanding surgeon in his field. I will be forever grateful to Mr Turton, my anaesthetist, the lovely Gerry and Vicki, and all the lovely, caring medical staff who looked after me during my stay. If I could sum my experience up in just two words it would be “ Absolutely Outstanding “.

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