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Written by a private patient
8th June 2021

My procedure went very well, Peter Vasas seems a very competent surgeon and his female assistant was also very helpful and friendly and put me at ease. He helpfully followed up the op with an informative letter to my GP. I did not have any complications from the surgery and felt almost fully better after nine days. I was grateful that the costs for the procedure were kept low. I do think the clinic could have provided more information before my procedure. I thought I was going to get a very small perianal skin tag removed, but it ended up being a full hemorrhoidectomy - a removal of two hemorrhoids, one of which was very large - and we agreed to go ahead with this while the procedure was happening. I had only done online research for skin tag removal and was expecting quite a small procedure, and not the colossal pain I experienced the first night when the local anaesthetic wore off. If I'd known, I would have stocked up on more powerful codeine painkillers and laxatives (to counter the effect of the painkillers) and sanitary pads, not eaten in advance (to avoid needing to pass stool soon afterward), and scheduled to be off work for a week. Doing research after the procedure, I discovered that the pain was very normal for this procedure (and of less duration than many people report experiencing from other clinics), but I wish I had known more about this in advance, and been given better tips for coping. I think the clinic would do well to update their advice about this. Having said that, I'm relieved at how quickly I healed, and grateful to Peter Vasas and his assistant for their quick, clean work, and the procedure's affordability.

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