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Written by a NHS patient
1st June 2021

Dr Fiadjoe is such an amazing and caring Doctor. So many Ghyno refused to do my surgery but after good 17 years he finally did, I'm absolutely so so happy and so pleased with his works. He's polite, kind and listener. He listen my side and wear my shoes, accepting me and agreed to do the surgery. I was so pleased. Is been 6 weeks nearly since my surgery and I absolutely feels great, happy and stress free for something was annoying me for over 17 years. Thank you so much Dr Fiadjoe, lord will keep blessing your hands. All Dr Fiadjoe teams are so fantastic and helpful as well so kind. The gyno ward was fantastic, the nurses and health care Assistant they were absolutely amaizing, I only can say thank you so much to all your care to me, I absolutely appreciating. Dr Fiadjoe thank you so much, I can easily recommends anyone who need Gynecology to come to see you honestly, thank you, my prayer to you. Faridah Gullam

2nd June 2021
Response from Mr Paul Fiadjoe

Thank you so much for your kind words. I am pleased your recovery is going very well. I will certainly pass on your appreciation to the rest of team on the Gynae ward and preadmission team.

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