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My Name is Robert,male aged 41. I was referred to Dr Dessouky at Croydon University hospital because I was having throat problems, pain,tightness in throat and hoarse voice. Being rather anxious in the waiting area, as soon as Dr Dessouky called me through he greeted me with a smile,which automatically made me feel at ease. I explained all my issues, then gave me a thorough examination and used a camera to check my throat. He then diagnosed my condition as acid re-flux and my throat had signs of acid burns, he reassured me this was very common and there was nothing sinister to be concerned about. His manner and how calming he was, was amazing , I felt so much tension in the days building up to this appointment and it just went and I felt this amazing relief. Due to the Covid-19 I could not attend my follow up appointment but Dr Dessouky phoned me today for a follow up appointment, I had some concerns which I wanted to discuss as my acid had flared a bit recently and was triggering my asthma, but he reassured me, gave me some advice, and as always put me at complete ease. I cannot express how grateful I am for this wonderful care system with have, and I will be forever grateful for all the amazing care and support I have been given. From the bottom of my heart thank you. Kind regards. Robert Below I have written the changes and steps I have made,hopefully it may help anyone who is suffering from similar acid re-flux. The steps I have made based on the advice the Dr gave me, and further research I have made. 1.Stopped all fizzy drinks. 2.Stopped eating sugary food, cakes etc. 3.(This really helps) breathing techniques, to keep stress and anxiety levels down. The Hoff breathing technique. 4.Improved diet, I eat 3 meals a day plus 2 healthy snacks, I do not eat after 6 pm currently,when I am back to work I wont eat after 7 pm. I also try and avoid any foods that may induce acid. Also my meals balanced , so in lunch and dinner, I have protein, carbs,and veg. 5.Eating slowly and chewing food more, this reduces indigestion and reduces acid. 5. I am taking Gaviscon for a recommended period of 6 weeks .I take 2 spoons after breakfast and 2 spoons after dinner. 6. Exercise , I for the last weeks have begun exercising, and this week I found the amazing NHS couch to 5k app, today I completed run 2 of week 1. (side note on the exercise I noticed that after exercise my acid was a bit worse which triggers asthma feelings, but i did some research today, and found out you need to wait 2-3 hours after eating before exercise, where i was eating breakfast (porridge and raisins)then exercising 40 mins to 1 hr later. So now I will exercise first then eat breakfast after.

14th May 2020