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Written by a patient
5th September 2019

Having broken my wrist in Chelmsford Cathedral a few days before Christmas 2019 a complication occurred when in April 2020 the tendon to my thumb severed. The fantastic fracture and orthopractic clinic staff at Broomfield hospital Chelmsford made an appointment for me to see Dr Berber, a hand and wrist specialist for the following day. After an X ray he diagnosed a severed tendon in my wrist caused by the original break and patiently explained an operation would be needed to reconnect the tendon. He offered a brachial block or general anaesthetic. Wanting to avoid a GA I opted for the block which is where the arm is anaesthetised & the patient is awake. About a month later I had the op, my hand and wrist in a splint for 8 weeks plus a further 4 weeks being careful not to lift anything heavy. From the moment of the first consultation Dr Berbers genuine kindness and his patient centred approach made me feel reassured and optimistic. He allowed me to make choices while offering sound advice. During the 80-minute operation he was checking I was OK; I had quickly built up a rapport with the anaesthetist who was sitting by my side monitoring while undertaking his duties and the time flew by. While I was having a cup of tea and slice of toast on the ward, Dr Berber came out of theatre to explain what he had done. He went on to say that I would be receiving weekly hand therapy appointments where I would be required to work hard exercising the hand daily to ensure a good recovery. I now have a fully functioning wrist, hand and thumb again. Dr Berber is a modest, gently spoken genius consultant surgeon and I feel grateful that he works for our fantastic NHS in Essex. Although my appointments with him and his team were mainly at Broomfield Hospital Chelmsford, I also had a consultation with him at Braintree Hospital. Thank you again Dr Berber for your kindness and care throughout this difficult time. I would not hesitate recommending Dr Berber to anyone requiring hand or wrist treatment.

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