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Written by a patient
25th November 2018

I visited Dr Titley extremely nervous about showing anybody my breasts and about the surgery I was interested in. He made me feel completely at ease from the first moment of my consultation, he listened to my feelings about how my breast looked and reassured me that he would do his very best to completely change the shape and size of them. On the day of my surgery, he came into my room and reassured me that there was nothing to worry about and within a few hours I would have the breasts I have been wanting for years! The surgery went smoothly, and I can say his talent has completely changed my life. The transformation he has achieved on me is truly amazing and I could not recommend him enough. He is extremely kind, talented and trustworthy and I will recommend him to absolutely everybody. I will be going to Dr Titley for any cosmetic surgery I decide to have. I recently went for my 3 month post op appointment and everything was perfect as expected. He has booked me in for a 6 month check up also, to ensure everything is ok further down the line. Great service!

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1 2 3 4 5