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Written by a carer
1st October 2019

Mr Richardson was brought into help my Mother after her bowel cancer operation went wrong, it wasn't an easy fix and Mr Richardson made us all feel at such ease, he was so kind and reassuring and made sure we all understood what was going to happen, he made sure my mother was kept comfortable while he prepared for surgery. He took her views into consideration, as the last words she spoke to him before being put out was "Please don't let me have an stoma bag." He did /everything/ within his power to make that happen, and he did! Much to the displeasure of his team, he took a risk and done the longer, more difficult surgery to achieve this. He promised myself and my family that once he'd completed the surgery he'd come and find us and personally let us know the results, and how my mother was. Normally surgeons don't actually keep to what they've said, but to true to his nature and form Mr Richardson came and found us, and told us exactly what happened, what he'd chosen to do, and the risks involved in that. He reassured us fully and saved my mother's life in all honesty. Not only did he help my mother in her time of need, he took her on as one of his own NHS patients, because rightly so my mother had more trust in him than she did in her own doctor. He then proceed to have to correct another one of this doctors mistakes when my mother was readmitted later on. I can honestly say he's one of the best doctors I've seen for making sure you understand what's going to happen, for making you feel reassured and for making the patient feel that he really cares. Just wanted to say a big thank you to him for all his hard work looking after my mother, and the constant care he gives, even in his follow up appointments. What an amazing doctor he is, the NHS could do with a lot more like him.

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