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Written by a carer
7th September 2019

My 98 year old father was in need of cataract operations on both of his eyes but before this could be done he needed ectropian surgery as his bottom lids were turning out. He was very reluctant and anxious due to previous bad experiences until he met with Mr Koutroumanos. Nick took time to explain all that was involved and put my Dad at ease. Although it meant going to Edgeware Hospital rather than our local Chase Farm for all three procedures my father refused to allow anyone else other than Nick to operate. He had total trust in him> Nick then arranged for all follow up visits to be done at his clinic at Chase Farm so that it was easier and less stressful for my Dad. Nothing was too much trouble for Nick and we have nothing but praise and gratitude for all he has done. My Dad's quality of life now he can see again has improved so much thanks to the wonderful Mr Nick Koutroumanos.

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