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21st November 2017
Written by a patient at The Cheltenham Nuffield Hospital

Mr Navraj Atwal, Orthopaedic Consultant & Surgeon Review, November 2017 - By Malcolm Taylor, Marlborough Road, Gloucester, GL4 6GE. 21.11.2017. (Knee Arthroscopy Operation to remove broken Cartilage and clean joint up) Background For some years I had been suffering from clicking in my left knee and pain after walking for approximately ten minutes preventing enjoyment of long walks with my dog but on the plus side preventing long shopping trips with my partner. Then in October 2017 I slipped over badly on my bad knee resulting in it locking so I could not straighten in it for several days and then I could only walk on it using a crutch and with gritted teeth. Pre Operation Consultation with Mr N Atwal I referred to websites at the Winfield and Nuffield and Mr Atwal stood out in terms of knee speciality experience and also being mature but not too long in the tooth not to know the latest and best medical procedures. Mr Atwal saw me very quickly and had a very professional while friendly approach. He inspected my knee thoroughly but gently and projected great knee knowledge and competence. As I had never had an operation of any sort before and this one was going to be my first and a general anaesthetic I was scared but my fears were greatly alleviated, mainly because I realised Mr Atwal knew what he was doing. And I trusted him to do the very best for me. I had seen another Consultant previously and this had not been the case. Operation Day 6th November 2017 My operation took place at the Nuffield in Cheltenham. The staff were calmly reassuring and the Anaesthetist excellent in letting me know what was going to happen and that everything would be okay. Mr Atwal came to see me before the operation and built my trust in him further to the point that I was less alarmed when going down to theatre than when going to the Dentist for a filling. Theatre wasn’t as scary a place as I had imagined and the Anaesthetist talked to me pleasantly while I quickly went to sleep. Next thing I knew the operation was over and I was back in the recovery room feeling much better than expected. Post Operation – I can walk again! The very next day and to my surprise I could walk without the need of the crutch I had needed previously. The clicking in my knee had gone for the first time in years and although slightly stiff my knee felt so much better which was such a relief, as before the operation the pain had become draining and made life a grey place to be in. My knee has continued to get better although I need to exercise it gently every day. Am hoping to do long walks again with the dog shortly but the crutch is still in the back of the car in case anyone asks me to go shopping with them. Mr Navraj Atwal – Recommendation I have absolutely no hesitation in fully recommending Mr Atwal for not only the effectiveness of his operations but also the confidence he gives you when you see him to go forward and sort your knee problems out. In my view he is simply the best knee Consultant Surgeon there is!!

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