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Written by a NHS patient
26th April 2022

I met Mr Rath in September 2021 and I was in a really bad way. Bed bound for a long time. Prior to meeting Mr Rath I had tried everything to prevent having an operation, Every type of private sector I even went to London for a lumbar injection but it didn't work. Mr Rath reassured me that the operation would be ok and go to plan and it went even better. I went from not being able to walk to walking the same day after the operation. I can't recommend and thank Mr Rath enough. He's a top specialist and a top man. If your lucky enough to come across this man and receive his treatment then take his advice and count yourself lucky. Cheers C.R

7th May 2022
Response from Mr Narendra Kumar Rath

Great to hear that you have been doing well following your Keyhole Spinal Surgery. Wish you all the best for future. Kind Regards NKR

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