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Written by a patient
10th September 2020

I had a trapped nerve in my neck , mr rath was very caring and explained everything about having acdf surgery , and fixed my problem , I have since been back for review appointments , he really listened and made me feel much better about any concerns I had , and recently had a sore shoulder , he took his time to listen and gave me an injection , he was very gentle , and he has helped the pain , I highly recommended mr rath and would have no problem putting my life into his hands as I know I would be ok Thanks again mr rath for being a wonderful doctor

12th September 2020
Response from Mr Narendra Kumar Rath

It was a pleasure to see you a year following your ACDF surgery which had helped with your arm pain. I am glad we could identify your new shoulder pain symptoms and the injections helped you. As suggested further follow up with a shoulder specialist maybe needed. Thank you for your kind words and recomendation. Please do look after yourself during these dificut times. Kind Regards NKR

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