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Written by a private patient
24th November 2022

After suffering for four months with increasingly painful legs and having my GP indicate that this was most likely due to problems in my back, I arranged to see Mr Rath at his consulting room in Abergele. At the first consultation, he was very friendly and agreed that my symptoms were most likely due to a spinal problem. He arranged for me to have an MRI scan in Wrexham. Following the scan, at the second consultation, he shared the results on the computer screen with myself and my wife - a qualified physiotherapist. The problem with the lower spine, stenosis was clear to see. I was offered three options: continue taking painkillers, move to having periodic injections or have an operation. He clearly explained the surgery required and the potential risks that the procedure might entail. After consideration, I opted for the operation. This was accomplished in the Nuffield hospital in Chester. After admission in the morning, I met Mr Rath, various nurses and the anaesthetist. The operation was undertaken late morning. On waking up from the anaesthetic, I felt good enough to walk around the hospital for an hour. Freedom at last after nearly eight months. Well done Mr Rath, I have only complimentary words to say. Well done and thank you.

26th November 2022
Response from Mr Narendra Kumar Rath

I am very glad to know that you are doing well. Thank you for the kind words and recommendation. Please take the precaution and wish you a speedy recovery. Merry Christmas and have a great festive season!

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