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Written by a private patient
7th October 2021

I referred my 16yr old son who had suffered a RHS Lumber spine fracture in Jan 2021. Overrall we seen Dr Rath about 4-5 times. During his time he was very caring and understanding to my sons needs. He listened to our questions throughout. One thing I found particularly impressive was how he handled the longevity of the condition during the 9 months we seen him. I am glad to say that Luke took everything the doctor said and as a result he has now been signed off with full recovery. I would recommend this doctor Thank-you Dr Rath Mr B

22nd October 2021
Response from Mr Narendra Kumar Rath

Thank you for the kind words Mr B I have to say it was your early pick up of this symptoms which helped a lot. Luke is a lovely boy it was really lovely knowing and working with him. All the best for the future especially with football !!! Best Wishes NKR

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