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Written by a NHS patient
11th July 2022

From start to finish the treatment and service I received from Mr Raff was exceptional. I saw him at the Walton Centre in January where he explained everything very clearly and told me exactly what the operation would involve and that it would be keyhole surgery if possible, which would shorten the recovery time. When I first saw Mr Raff I had been in constant pain for 16 months. After my examination he told me what he could do for me. I needed L4/5 lumbar decompression surgery to free the compressed nerves. I am 78 years old and was always very active before these problems began. I already knew how good Mr Raff was as my son had similar surgery 10 months before and from being off work for 15 months and not being able to walk more than 100 yards to be back in work, going to the gym and walking normally without pain, all down to this operation. Obviously I was hoping for a similar result. I had my surgery on 29th April and apart from developing high blood pressure, it was very successful. Mr Raff kept in touch to see how I was doing. After 10 days unfortunately I developed some complications. After speaking to Mr Raff’s secretary (who was always very helpful) an emergency appointment was made. Mr Raff took the time to see me 3 times that day and arranged an emergency MRI scan which showed that I’d had a burst blood vessel and this was causing inflammation and pain. He took time out of his busy schedule to show me exactly what the problem was. We decided that it was best to just leave it and see how i got on. Mr Raff phoned me a few days later to see how I was doing and thankfully I was starting to feel better. And now - 10 weeks after the operation I am feeling great. I haven’t taken any pain relief tablets for the past two months and I am able to walk and just to feel so much better. The surgery was very successful. I only have a tiny scar on my back and I am so thankful that I was able to have keyhole surgery. Mr Raff deserves a 10/10 for all he has done. The service from the Walton Centre has been really good also.

23rd July 2022
Response from Mr Narendra Kumar Rath

Thank you for sharing your experience with KEYHOLE spinal surgery at the Walton Centre. I am glad that you are pain free following you surgery for lumbar stenosis through a minimally invasive fashion. Hope your blood pressure in under control following input from your GP. I wish you all the best for future and thank you for your kind words and recommendation. Kind Regards NKR

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